We have assembled the finest guide crew in the West Yellowstone area, all guides are highly skilled and competent instructors and fishermen. They can work with you to improve your technique and get you into shots at good fish no matter what your skill level. We specialize in catch-and-release dry fly fishing on some of the greatest dry fly water on earth, and offer two types of trips, both float and walk/wade.

Our float trips are our most common trips and are designed for the angler who likes to cover a lot of water. It is tough to beat a day on the Madison with one of our guides, truly an experience you’ll not forget.We offer walk/wade trips in both full and half days. This is a good way to work on your on-stream technique, and fish with a knowledgeable guide much as you would on your own, without a boat. It gives the angler a chance to work over a certain section of water more thoroughly.

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