At Jacklin’s Fly Shop we take our wonderful resources and the conserving of them very seriously. Below are listed some of the special interest groups that we support. We encourage those of you who enjoy these pristine rivers and places to support these conservation organizations the best you can.

Henry’s Fork Foundation:
to “understand, restore and protect the unique fishery, wildlife and aesthetic qualities of the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River.” The HFF is one of the more progressive river conservation groups in existence. They make a point to work and meet regularly with landowners, farmers, recreationalists, and water managers to help meet the needs of all for the greatest benefit. The recipient of several national conservation awards, the HFF is working to set the standard for river interest groups across the nation. If you believe in river resource conservation, you should support the HFF.
River Network:
a national nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people understand, protect and restore rivers and their watersheds. They work to acquire America’s most outstanding and threatened river properties to conserve their natural values and opportunities for public enjoyment.It is the sole interest group that took it upon themselves to handle the $2,000,000.00 financing of the Three Dollar Bridge Project, which is saving some of the finest river bank on the Madison from major development. Though the initial stage of this project was successful, the River Network needs your support to continue its work on the Madison and other fisheries across the nation.
Trout Unlimited
TU’s mission is to conserve, protect and restore North America’s trout and salmon fisheries and their watersheds.TU achieves this by working in local chapters across the United States. If you are a trout fisherman, you should contact your local TU chapter for information on joining and to find out how you may help in habitat improvement projects on your local streams. TU works for fisheries addressing issues on local, state, and national levels.
Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF):
The FFF is the only organization that works to promote fly fishing and fly tying at the local and national levels. Their projects include workshops and clinics on fly tying and casting, guest speakers at major events who help to understand different fisheries, habitat improvements, and creating a social network for fly fishers worldwide. Through their efforts fly fishing awareness is raised and special concerns and interests of fly fishers are addressed and protected. If you are a fly fisherman, the FFF is the only organization that is working at multiple levels to preserve your rights which pertain to fishing America’s waters. Their interest is not limited to trout fishing, they address issues on the saltwater, warmwater, and coldwater fisheries.
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