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Fly Casting:
After a lifetime of teaching fly casting and four years in production, Bob Jacklin, master certified fly casting instructor with the FFF, gives us the HD DVD “Fly Casting.”Bob takes the viewer through the three basic fly casts, all filmed on the water, and then introduces the specialty, or “trick” casts, which are so important in presenting the fly to the trout.In this educational film, Bob demonstrates the cast while explaining the theory of the cast to enable the viewer to understand easily the dynamics involved. Bob executes and explains these casts on the pond and on the river—over rising trout. This DVD takes the viewer from the casting pond to the stream and back to the pond to demonstrate clearly the proper casts and how they are used correctly when fishing.Undeniably, his is the definitive DVD on fly casting. Price: $10.00   shipping $ 5.00

Classic Flies and Their Stories: In this novel approach to the fly tying DVD, Bob Jacklin, award-winning fly tier, has selected several of what he regards as Classic Fly Patterns. In this HD DVD, Bob describes and ties the proper and original dressings for the Adams Dry, the Butcher Wet Fly, the Gray Wulff, the Hendrickson, the Mickey Finn, and concludes with the famous Muddler Minnow.In each case, Bob relates the history of the fly while he ties and adds an anecdote about it, an additional feature that has consistently engaged his audiences at public fly tying events. He also suggests where and how to fish the particular pattern.The exceptional quality of the photography, the close-ups and angled shots, all filmed in HD makes this DVD a fine complement to your video library.
Price: $10.00    shipping $ 5.00

Yellowstone Patterns:
After fishing and guiding in the greater Yellowstone area for more than forty years, Bob Jacklin has selected eleven of his favorite flies to share with the viewer in this remarkable HD DVD. Most of the flies are his own dressings to match special hatches or times of the year in Yellowstone.He begins with the dressing of the Western Salmon Fly, then the little Black Leech, the Giant Salmon Fly Nymph, the little Yellow Sally Stone Fly, the Rusty Para-Spin Spinner, the Spruce Moth, his March Brown Nymph, the Fluttering Caddis, the Platte River Streamer, the Caddis in the Case, and concludes with the Western Green Drake.His descriptive narratives for these patterns form a valuable and instructive element and Bob is confident that he has tied a good selection of patterns for the Yellowstone area through the seasons of the year.
Price: $10.00     shipping $ 5.00

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Introduction to Fly Tying with Bob Jacklin

This instructional DVD was one of Bob first DVD’s on Fly Tying.

In this instructional video Bob covers the most basic steps in constructing a simple fly like the inch worm. As he progresses into more complicated applications of thread and materials, Bob gives an excellent commentary on how to work with and handle these fly tying materials. As he ties, Bob relates anecdotes and stories about some of his mentors like Lee Wulff, Art Flick, Gover Kookogey, and many more. This is all done with Bob’s straight forward approach that benefits the beginner as well as the seasoned fly-tier.

Price: $10.00    shipping $ 5.00


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