18 June 2015
18 June 2015,


Bob Jacklin’s Fishing Report

June 15, 2015


The Salmon Fly Hatch has started on the Madison River near Ennis, Montana. Many of us locals, summer residents, and the many fly fishing guides in south west Montana look for and enjoy using a very large size 6 and 4 Salmon fly imitation fished dry on top to match the fluttering adult Salmon fly. Fished with a long leader and tippet the needs to float on the surface of the river in a very natural manner with no drag on the fly from the leader and the fly line; what we call a dead drift.  Today I floated the Varney section of the Madison River with Mr. Dave Etzwiler who was our Game Warden for over 20 years working out of West Yellowstone.  We floated the river with Mr. Rob Orsini one of our top guides and we fished the Salmon fly all through the float.   We recorded seeing a fair amount of adult Salmon flies on the water and many Salmon Fly Nymphs under the many rocks and near the bank in preparation for hatching. The hatch is just getting started. We enclose a photo of a hand full of Salmon Fly Nymphs taken this afternoon by Rob Orsini and a photograph of my own Salmon Fly pattern for this yearly hatch. This was the fly we used today with great success.  Because the hatch is just getting started fishing was slower, however we still had a great time with several larger trout all caught on my Dry Fly Salmon Fly. This is my 46 year guiding fisherman and still enjoying the sport. It was also very nice to fish and enjoy the day with Dave Etzwiler. Dave caught a nice 18” Brown on a side channel and I nailed a three to four pound Rainbow along a deep cut bank. We also caught several other nice size trout and I missed hooking several good fish who were faster then I. Remember the trick to catching fish with the Salmon fly dry fly is to use a good long leader and tippet and get that natural dead drift without any drag.

Good Fishing!

Bob Jacklin


Jacklins GiantSalmonfly

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