27 June 2015
27 June 2015,

Fishing Report from Bob Jacklin   June 27, 2015   Up here in the high country we are still experiencing a very early season with almost all hatches running a week to two in advance. The Salmon Fly hatch started around Ennis, Mt., about 10 days early.  The Hatch moved up the Madison last week with some good numbers of insects. The flow of water out of Hebgen lake was about 750cfs which made the lower section of the Madison through the Varney area much too low for fishing, floating not to mention the fish themselves. As the hatch moved up the Madison last week there were good reports of fish feeding on the natural Salmon fly as well as the Salmon Imitations. Because of this early season and very low water the fish were also feeding on the Pale Morning Duns, some hatches of Green Drakes, and even taking some terrestrial flies like the simple Black Ant.  The overall reports from the guides in the area that the fishing was just OK on the Salmon fly hatch this year because the fish were concentrated in the deeper sections of the river and not along the bank where the best cover and feeding stations are usually located on a normal spring runoff on the Madison.  The section of the Madison River between the lakes, Hebgen and Quake, has been fishing quite well the last week or so with good hatches of PMD’s, Green Drakes and a good assortment of other may flies and some spinner falls. This section has been fishing quite well with the Salmon fly the last several days. I have guided several days and also fish myself with my wife two evenings and all morning yesterday, Friday June 26. We were on the water at 6am and fished until about 10:30 when we finished fishing. Sharyn fished the Pale Morning Dun in size 14 and I stuck with my Jacklin Salmon Fly size 4 and did very well on several sizeable Browns up to about 18”.  My last fish was a fat Rainbow taken on my size 14 Pale Morning dun.  We finished our morning fishing and treated ourselves to a great Breakfast at the wonderful Camp Fire Lodge with Jim and Wendy. “The best breakfast this side of Yellowstone Park. Good Fishing! Bob Jacklin       Sharyn Jacklin with a 20″ Rainbow Trout on the Madison River as it flows into Quake Lake Monday evening June 22,2015. The fish was caught on Jacklins Green Drake size 12.green drake

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